We established this workshop to help YOU. But ultimately you have to choose to say yes and show up fully. We purposely don’t try hard to sell this experience because we believe the right people will feel pulled to attend and create an immersive, connective, powerfully enriching experience.

Most people live their whole life sleep walking, doing the things they were told would make them happy. They wonder why they feel empty inside but they don’t talk about it. Instead they keep the emptiness hidden and keep playing the game. They don’t know there is a better way. Or even worse. They DO know there is a better way, but they tell themselves they don’t DESERVE it. Or its Too Hard. Either their fear of failure or more insidious, their fear of being hated for succeeding KEEPS THEM SMALL.

Are you like most people?

Most people think happiness is an arrival point. They are shocked when as soon as  they’ve done THE THING they thought would make them happy, the thing changes. So they keep chasing one goal after another after another like a dog chasing its tail with no regard to if they are enjoying the process. I'M NOT SHAMING THESE PEOPLE. I WAS THIS PERSON.  What they (I) don’t (didn't) realize is joy is there with them the entire journey if only they’d pause the chase to embrace it.

Look at it this way-you can keep living your life the way you have been hoping for the day you get a different result. But Albert Einstein called that insanity and I’m inclined to agree. If you want to feel different, you have to think different. You have to let go of the pains you’re clinging to, and the false stories you’ve been telling yourself for so long.

Seriously, If the only thing you get out of this workshop is three straight days of introduction to how good life could feel all of the time, or find out that you came here whole and worthy of love, or remember that thing you thought about all the time in third grade but didn’t realize you could build a life around it until NOW, it would be worth it. But you won’t just get that. You’re going to get so. Much. More.