Because sometimes in our lives we get stuck. Trapped. Become numb. And though we know what we are good at, we forget the why. [Anna] reminded me of the why, pushed me past my comfort zone and encouraged me to embrace vulnerability by moving all bullshit out of my way.
— Audrey, New Jersey

you answered questions i didn’t know i had and shed light on the vision and purpose within myself. soooo inspiring!
— Amanda, Texas

...cracked me open in a way I didn’t know I needed. Feelings I’ve closed off not wanting to go near because they seemed too big. I’ve seen a definite shift in what I allow myself to experience. The sadness, the pain. It’s not scary anymore. Just interesting and beautiful.
— Tiffany, Hawaii

It was like everything my soul craved and needed.
— mcKenzi

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For showing up, for beaming light and love at every single person who was in the room. For seeing the very best and brightest parts of each soul. For being the open channel of love. For showing up in the world the way that you do, because who you are is what allowed and attracted the space we held to be so full of realness, radical acceptance, truth, and compassion, and those kinds of spaces are so rare, but I think you made it possible to create exponentially more of them.

I am so grateful for the magic that happened this weekend. For being able to see, like physically see, how healing love is - that that isn’t a cliche but the most powerful truth. That even if there’s a girl in the past who felt undeserving of love, I can go back and find her and love her so hard right now and we can walk the rest of this road together, and that does make a difference.

This has been the most healing and heartwarming journey. Just thank you.
— Anna, Texas

Yan sees you, really sees you from the moment she walks up to you, hugs you, and says hello, which one are you? You mention something, and then see that sparkle of recognition in her eyes as she puts your words and images to a face.
She sees you the way your own heart sees you. And throughout the day she gives you constructive advice and encouragement. Her tools and tips empower you to be that vulnerable true person that exists within you, because being that person is what will set you apart from everyone else.
She helps you locate the magical fire in your heart, in the core of your being and she shows you how you can ignite it.
— Tanya, California

Taking Anna’s workshop, I didn’t learn any big secrets or recipes for success - I learned more about me. She showed me how to connect with myself and to be okay with showing my vulnerable side. She helped me to give myself permission to be myself and to use my inner voice to connect with others. When she says the workshop is about YOU, she means it. It is about YOU. I came away from her workshop inspired and ready to breath again.
— Allyson, Canada